Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Holy Bound

The days spirit
yet a holy time.

The secret's reveal
yet nothing's fine.

The recreation of a mighty town
and the countdown of a new sound
have whispered in magic,s wound.
                   And tears dried as no one fears.
                   And i moved on from a place
                   which has never been a mess.
                   and stayed in a loyalty
                   to find a case of serenity.

Where one was being satisfied
the other was caught in the hand of stereotype
caught in a magnificent light
where there no other side
all a while the others went out of
their dreams
and jump out of screams
sigh! And as i deem.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Shades

The shades

The glister of being immoral

The life seems to be a tragic shades

The incredible way of being a loon

And there goes a fatal mistake of being
 A fool.

The world despairs of having none

The thoughts are lighters to a person’s wound.

And boldness of a fairy girl

To a satisfaction of a mighty pearl

Let  the history  of a new beginning shall begin

And there shall no one to utter and eat the muffin

The clouds of a new territory are a cruse to find a beast

And let it go nowhere and  tries to set a feast and to
The rest of it


Monday, 23 November 2015

Harmony and Her

Harmony and Her

The vanilla in our thoughts

With sparkling pearls.

The streets are mischeivious

And the trees are studious.

The glittering eyes of that widow

And the misfortune of all that shadows.

How one have created the loving tones

And how one have destroyed it as no one knows.

The conquering hills of the noisy poles

And the unknown  steps of the gracious scrolls.

Have been awaiting for a long time

To keep the journey at cloud nine.

And then shall the words begin in people’s mind.

Oh what a lovely thought could be just shine!

So, thy glittering glory are continous

And thus who left it were tyrannous.

-          Bhairabi

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Raining Pains

       Raining Pains

My hands are a way to feed you

Those little pain will bring you

To an endless blurred place

The digs and ditches  are a way to behold you


Cause you are covering  your endless journey

You are thirsty full of sadness sorrow

You are with your wity money

The days are hard to feel again

The quietness in your eyes

Are shut for pain.

Is this how the world goes on

And never felt the happiness or

It might creating another way

For  a mysterious strain for the pain

To come to an end

-          Bhairabi

Friday, 28 August 2015

Dear Brother

                Dear Brother

Mentioning you in a word in a time is not sufficient.

Whereas brothers and sisters in same blood is ancient.

I keep that gravy moments aside for some days.

And didn’t leave any tears in the ocean bays.

Brother,you gave me strength in my hands

And fed me up.

For that stupid words i kept was not an end.

With my sorrow full you turn down me happy in those creepy words

I’ll be glad having some memories meeting you after a long time

With happiness scoring up.

Your sister is crazy brother dear and always will be

She ain’t that great nor have that faith

But she is just a girl who want for the world

And you’re warmly welcome by now.


The Life Stacks


The life stacks

Of many a powerful traps

Wonder and wondering the series

And believing it as mysteries

Goes on and on

Through the Middletown

Took a lots of hands ,and the bless began

The hard for the reason to took it back

When and where,it was to attract

Never will you know,how far it was

And you ever come to believe

If it helps till the midnight

The morning awake

Hope for another dream

As the people were fake

Where it atlast come to an end.

-          Bhairabi

Thursday, 28 May 2015

A summer night


A summer night and the moon light

Has its beauty,a three times

More than a pretty fairy

Where its lakes shine

The wind whispers

The trees swings

The bats flew

The stars stare

And say what its desire

         In a summer night

We sleep tight

And dream bright.

A pleasant talk

With some folks

A grazing dark

Being beautiful in a while

All by ourselves,the grace

And the skin got a new dress

    So here is the summer night

I am living bright

To have a new sight

when it might be the most beautiful night